Админ Злоупотребление фейком обвиняется в обмане!


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  • Август 24, 2020
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  2. STEAM_0: 0: 203524081 Freddy Fuhrer
  3. 19:28:41
  4. My little brother steamid: STEAM_0: 0: 170562335 alias Mini bobler was falsely accused of aimbot which he doesn't do at all, and I'm sure some admin could vouch for this by seeing how he plays which he played some time has now reached level 700. and I, his older brother, sometimes play on servers, and he is nowhere near as good as me or my friends, in fact, he is very bad, and I pretend that the admin just decided to ban him out of pure hate, can this be made out, feel free to contact my discord: broiler # 4200
  5. i am very sorry i dont have any evidence and my little brother is only 13 he isnt recording or anything

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